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How is your hotel experience What problems or inconveniences did you encounter when booking the hotel After collecting all the information, we will be able to analyze the pain points pain points, which can help us provide better solutions for the hotel’s services. Ready with all of this we have found our buyer personas. The next point we are going to research is to analyze the competitors of our hotel strategy. Analyzing organic competitors here we should be asking ourselves what other sites are targeting similar search terms to what we offer if sites that are already targeting in google are more optimiz popular than ours then.

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It will be more difficult for them to compete. This must be taken Jamaica Mobile Number List into account when prioritizing short, m ium long term target words. Long. If we analyze from a business point of view the state of the website content, then we must also consider other factors when analyzing competitors in the hotel strategy. Service price differentiation. Does our hotel business differentiate itself by lower prices than our competitors Is there a deal If so, then in the keyword strategy you can attack the following types of long tail search hotels in local cheap hotels local cheap hotels regional offers service revenue level differentiation do we have than it.

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Knowing your customers is important

He services services that generate higher profit Lead Sale margins. If this is the case, we can strengthen the positioning of those who are most profitable for our business. Towns, hotels with spas, hotels with jacuzzi, business target keywords. Initial positioning of our existing content. What is the initial targeting of the hotel website Have we target any keywords If so, you can prioritize the targeting of those relat terms create content to attack the user’s search intent. For example creating a travel blog where we develop content about experiences in the destinations we serve. Competitors in the analysis assume we are.

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