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Pros no out of memory issues because the space we’re going to have can be declared and edited. We don’t have to think about what platform it’s running on because it’s independent of the operating system it’s started on. Has powerful features and a lot of resources such as library interface framework can realize any development we try to do. It is a high-performance language due to its speed and saved lines of code. It doesn’t crash easily when encountering programming errors. Cons it’s not an easy language to learn for someone new to programming. Since it is an interpreted and compiled language.

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Therefore, the performance when executing the program is usually Cyprus Mobile Number List lower. We need a virtual machine to execute programs created with. It’s a slowly evolving language. Python is a high-level interpreted programming language. It is a multi-paradigm language used to develop various applications. Pros it’s easy to understand and read because it’s very similar to human language. It’s an open source language which means everyone can use it and it’s free. It is a general-purpose language that can be used in various applications regardless of its purpose. It has a large number of programs.

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Libraries and frameworks contributed by the member Lead Sale community. It is compatible with all operating systems. Disadvantages starting a program is slow mainly due to its dynamic nature. It produces high memory consumption due to the flexibility of different types of data. It’s a language primarily designed for computers which makes it a bit out of the way of the now booming mobile market. It is the only programming language that runs natively in the browser and it is an interpreted language which means we only need a browser to make it work. It is used as a complement to and to create web pages. One of the big pluses of pros is this.

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