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Include Your Brand Name Your website is an important part of your brand identity so it should reflect your business name. Your business name may be in use now but that doesn’t mean you should give it up. Try a different domain extension before you think about losing your brand name. The Internet has more than 100 new domain extensions available such as you can name whatever you want. Extensions like this help identify different industries or sectors and stand out from the crowd. These new domain extensions may be generic if your brand.

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This presents a new opportunity to communicate your Mexico Mobile Number List company’s focus. An example is a digital advertising company. Don’t worry about the impact of new domain extensions on your search rankings. In fact according to a study new domain extensions can help your pages with SEO. Think about things like put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Imagine a customer telling his friends about your business. Are they easy to remember and pass on your domain name Keeping your domain name simple is usually always better. Avoid hyphenated numbers and odd spellings to avoid typos.

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A short domain name will always be memorable. Consider Lead Sale ensuring an easy-to-remember and spell URL that also reflects what your brand is all about. Investing in a two or three character domain name can be great but the premium is simply not feasible for most startups like yours. New domain extensions are useful here because they allow you to keep your domain name simple, memorable and most importantly usable. Consider the following points A domain name should communicate to users what the website is about. Examples with a clear purpose Find ways to make your domain name descriptive even if your business name isn’t.

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