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This way we know exactly if our project is on the right track. Seo metrics are already visible and metrics in the project dashboard. Editing or deleting notes measuring the impact of our actions is often one of the most forgotten elements. Thanks to annotations you will be able to record the most important changes and measure their impact. From now on you can edit or delete them in case you make a mistake. What are you waiting for to try this amazing feature annotations all annotations are displayed on performance graphs so you can evaluate the impact of your changes.

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Trend lines in charts automatically download the most Costa Rica Mobile Number List recent month’s data when you connect so you can get a higher history than the tool. As you know in you only have one and a half years of data and in you have no limit we download months of data and store all the data month by month so you can compare even years in advance. But how do you know if your project has grown over the past month e.G. Has it changed from month to month Thanks to the new trend line you will be able to see the average growth. Seo trends has an average growth trend in click statistics in the past month.

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Support and help taking that first step can sometimes Lead Sale be a little confusing. While we try really hard to make every page as clean and organized as possible, sometimes we may not be successful. That’s why we’re giving you two new tools, the help button. On every page you’ll have a help icon that will opens a modal with a page explaining how to leverage it for better results and a video where we explain everything in detail. Chat we have implemented a live chat facility so that you can send us your questions, suggestions and if we are online we will be there.

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