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From there you can make positive changes to help you live by your true values. To help with the process, here are some signs that you are experiencing cognitive dissonance. Often defensive about your choices. You are avoiding certain conversations or topics. Are angry, irritable or frustrated. Feel jealous or distressed. Good or bad news about other people. Feeling the need to explain why it didn’t happen to you a lot of time or energy defending your actions even though no one questions them People who know you well are surprised by your statements or actions You try to convince others that your way of thinking is correct You are minimizing the potentially dangerous or unhealthy consequences of your actions.

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You feel uncomfortable talking about yourself or with people who disagree with you when you react to mild constructive or perceived hostile criticism Cognitive Dissonance and Cognitive Bias Cognitive Dissonance and Cognitive Bias are related but different Sweden Phone Numbers List Remember that cognitive dissonance is the psychological discomfort you feel when your thoughts and actions are inconsistent. What is Cognitive Bias Cognitive bias is the tendency to process information based on our own experience. Our brains rely on patterns from past experiences and mental shortcuts to process information quickly. This means that when we acquire new information we do not interpret it objectively. Social psychologists have identified dozens of cognitive biases.

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Examples include self-interest bias, unconscious bias, confirmation bias, fundamental attribution error, and sunk cost fallacy. How Dissonance Is Related to Cognitive Biases Cognitive Lead Sale dissonance affects our cognitive biases and vice versa. Often when we feel out of tune it is because one of our thought patterns has been challenged. We may develop these biases to avoid discomfort or to change our behavior. How to Reduce Cognitive Dissonance Your brain will try to resolve it on its own, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have any say in the process. Identifying and addressing dissonance can be difficult but it’s an important step in improving your overall health. Here are four tips for reducing cognitive dissonance.

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