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Knowing what the basic markup is that search engines Kenya Mobile Number List consider when crawling and indexing a web page or blog post is an essential requirement if you’re into the world of positioning. This is where one of the most important tags in the meta description or meta description comes into play. In this article we explain everything you need to know about meta description tags along with the best tips for creating and SEO. Can you come with us Let’s go there. Contents. What is a meta description tag A meta description tag is a code tag that is added on a section of a page. The tag has the following basic structure. This is briefly.

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Content that summarizes the content of the page. This Lead Sale tag displays below the title in the summary of the results page. The recommended standard number of characters length includes spaces between. Examples of title and meta description in SEO titles. How to Identify a Page’s Meta Description You can see the location and content of this meta tag in several ways through the source code. This is a quick way to clearly identify where you are in a web page’s code. To do this we just have to go to the page where we want to discover the tags, right-click and select view page source. We’ll see all the source code when it’s done.

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