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The app helps you stay in constant contact with your team and communicate efficiently. You can video chat, share screens, share files, and collaborate with a group of team members anytime, anywhere. It’s designed for teams and businesses. Stylish Chat Visit Website 13 Doodles As a businessman, you always have to schedule appointments with people and often have to find the right meeting date and time for everyone. Dudu will help you solve this problem. Doodle syncs with your Google Calendar and there are no booking conflicts. It’s a seamless business app that intelligently syncs with your daily schedule. Tu Visit Website 13 Cam Scanners How nice it would be to have an app that could scan a document and instantly email it to the desired person! Cam scanners do exactly that, while saving you time researching other important aspects of your business.

Install it on your smartphone or tablet

Place documents on a flat surface, scan them with the cam scanner, create and email them to whomever you want directly from the app. There is a paid version and a free version. Cam Scanner Mobile App Visit Website 14 Photo Fuze You can upload pictures of your products Bulk SMS New Zealand online. Photo Fuze helps enhance those images and their backgrounds to make them look amazing. This is the tool recommended by eCommerce retailers. Give your photos professional backgrounds in seconds! Edit photos with Foto Fuze on eCommerce platforms and see improvements in CTR. Spool Photo Visit Website 15 Basecamp 3 Basecamp is one of the oldest project management software.


This is a private and secure online

Space for launching large projects. Basecamp 3 Visit Website 16 See Store If you have your products listed online on multiple platforms, Shop Seen provides a central location to add and update all your product listings. For example, it adjusts and updates product listings you enter Leadsale on platforms like Woo Commerce, Shopify, and eBay without causing system issues. The product has a SKU assigned to it. It also partnered with Stripe to create buy buttons on social apps. Sell on Instagram, arrange social commerce connections, and use their shipping label partners.

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