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To avoid this problem you have to keep an unknown list of recipients for this you can create an activity to let users add your address to avoid possible bounces. On the other hand, you might also consider running a spam test on your campaign before sending it out. Auto-Reply An Auto-Reply is the reply message you receive when sending a campaign that the user is temporarily unavailable. Often these messages tend to be user-usually vacation notifications or something like that. These notifications are helpful to know that customers may not see your email until later. There is nothing you can do about this backlash because once.

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They check their inbox again and you will have to wait for them Bahrain Mobile Number List to see your message. Other Types of Bounces Finally there are other categories of bounces where it’s not always possible to find their category because the exact cause that produces them is not always known or clearly defined. These bounces are usually to more technical issues such as failures due to email servers timing out and no longer accepting mail, or failures due to bandwidth. This usually occurs when recipients receive too many emails in a short period of time and fail When no further emails are accepter for security reasons. Your best bet to resolve this type of issue is to contact the recipient of the message.

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See if it is necessary to contact their provider’s support Lead Sale area or if they have a new email address. Now that you know more about each bounce type and its categories, it is very important to constantly review your campaign reports when doing email marketing as it is necessary to have a good control over the number of bounces or bounces to ensure that your reputation does not suffer Influence and stay out of the spam folder. The big advantage of getting brand emails like so If you, would you, or we believe you will most likely choose the former.

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