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This is one of the many study techniques that you can do when you learn new topics in class, when reading handouts, books, electronic resources or simply making a concise summary. svg E Example of the distribution of spaces on a sheet of paper with the Cornell method. Pomodoro Method Technique based on special concentration for people who tend to be very distracted by their social networks or web pages while studying. Its name comes from the tomato-shaped kitchen timers (pomodoro in Italian). It consists of allocating and distributing your time to carry out an activity such as studying and concentrating entirely.

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Then, we will have much less time to relax and unwind. For example, you can study constantly for 30 minutes and rest for 5. The Pomodoro business email list method intervals can vary depending on the person: 35 to 7, 40 to 10 or 45 to 15 minutes. This method can be effective using manual minute hands, your cell phone timer, or special applications that help you with this technique. Below, these are the apps that can help you: Forest , Focus To-Do, Brain Focus , Pomodoro Timer, among others.

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Study techniques examples the italian francesco cirillo coined the pomodoro method because kitchen timers were shaped like tomatoes. Mnemonic method another technique that can be very useful is the use of mnemonics for learning. This is based on learning a concept or words by memorizing a certain sequence of related phrases, codes, names, data or numbers. In some cases, there is a lot Lead Sale of information that we must retain, so this university and school study method will help us with that process. There are many ways to use this technique, we list them below: initials : consists of putting together the first letters of the words that we want to memorize and putting them together into a simple concept.

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