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Have a Clear Policy Having a written hiring and promotion policy is fundamental to your organization. Formalize your recruiting onboarding and promotion process so everyone is on the same page. You can also solicit feedback on the overall clarity and fairness of your policy. Identify areas of opportunity company while examining current hiring practices. What needs are likely to begin to be met by employees during the learning and development process, which you can then address during the hiring process or when onboarding new employees. Build Core Competencies Establish the core competencies needed for each role and which skills employees need to develop in order to progress. Work with each department to identify the most critical elements of each role.

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Consider creating a job grading profile to track job experience while adding skills and areas of responsibility. Job grading helps standardize your company’s salary increase and promotion practices Cambodia Mobile Number List It’s part of a transparent compensation policy that helps keep those decisions above the board. This can help employees track progress toward goals. Give employees a clear view of the qualifications and skills they need to develop and improve pay levels. Then describe career and salary growth for each role. Team Celebration Handshake Career Planning Collaborate with Management It is impossible for one person to master the responsibilities of every role in your organization so it is important to work with management to develop a job classification document.

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Consider yourself writing first drafts for each category of roles and then hand them off to the appropriate manager and ask for feedback. This draft should include your understanding of the scope and skills applicable to each level Lead Sale For scope consider the role’s domain and the role’s sphere of influence. For skills consider the ability required to perform tasks within the scope. Review and adjust the files as each manager’s notes are received and repeat until both the HR lead and management are satisfied with the results. This process will generate detailed and accurate job-level documentation for each category of role. Develop a career path For each role you need to create a roadmap that employees can follow to advance from that role to another.

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