Why Do Companies Ask for Phone Numbers

A free plugin which can be installed from the official plugin directory. The process is quick and easy by following the steps below. The first thing you have to do is go to your dashboard then in the left menu click plugins add new plugin then type in search engine. Several related plugin options will be displayed you will install the first one only shown. Install and click activate the plugin and it will be installed. Next an online wizard will be displayed to start configuring your store. You can do so at another time if the wizard does not appear automatically or if you want to configure it at another time.

How do companies get your phone number

Find it in the help configuration wizard. Basic setup on the Luxembourg Mobile Number List first screen of the wizard you have to specify which country your store is located in, the physical address, if any, the currency you will be using, the product type, if it is physical, digital or both. For physical products, if you want to sell abroad, you must indicate the domestic and international shipping costs. Assistant you can then choose the payment method. To use and or activate payment you must have previously created an account on the platform and enter the email associated with that account. Both methods of the plugin will be installed automatically. Payment configure the shipping method in the next step.

Phone Number List

How to pick a cell phone number

By default two shipping zones are created which Lead Sale you can edit later one for the country your store is in and one for the rest of the world. In each of them you can choose between flat rate or free shipping. Shipping finally recommends installing other plugins you may need in your store. If you’re not sure you want to use them it’s best to uncheck this option to avoid installing them automatically. The wizard will prompt you that the basic configuration is complete and you can start selling. But before we have to build other more advanced settings.

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