When you need to redo your corporate website

There are numerous situations in which you may decide to redo a website , such as:

  • Proprietary CMSs
  • The website is not optimized for the mobile version
  • The graphics are not updated and the texts no longer reflect the values ​​we want to convey
  • We want to rebrand
  • Our website is not well positioned on search engines
  • The site is outdated and there are technical issues in updating the site’s programs
  • The website is too slow in loading pages or cumbersome in navigation.

What are the risks of a restyling

I want to open a brief parenthesis on the choice of the CMS , i.e. the backbone of the website. In fact, many agencies use proprietary CMSs, i.e. created ad hoc by the agency itself.

We are very careful because if we choose this path we are then forced to remain customers of that agency or to totally redo the website since it is a tool that can only be used by Bulk SMS Ukraine that agency as they are owners of the CMS.

Instead, choosing an open source CMS such as WordPress allows companies to be totally owners of their website. And let’s face it: today creating a website with WordPress yourself is also quite simple.


So let’s pay attention to the contracts and all the clauses before signing.

Redoing a company website: the right steps to follow

Remaking a website is a complex activity that also involves serious risks, first of all the positioning on Google .

If the current site is very well positioned with keywords that make potential customers find you, a poorly done restyling can make you lose important positions and therefore make you lose traffic, customers and – obviously – turnover.

Here are the main risks that may exist after a website restyling:

  • A deterioration of our positioning on search engines
  • A drop in requests for quotes and orders
  • A deterioration in user engagement metrics
  • The distortion of brand identity,
  • A deterioration in site loading performance.

Most of these problems are absolutely manageable and controllable in the creation and design phase, naturally only if you work well following Google’s guidelines and using a correct and professional working method.

When we decide to redo the website, before making mistakes that can penalize us, it is also advisable to consider relying on professionals (which you can find for example on Fiverr ). It will be Lead Sale essential to have an SEO specialist on the team .

Furthermore, it is also important to go and carry out an SEO audit of the old site because it will be necessary to analyze all the errors present and then go to correct them before the new site is put online.

In fact , redoing a new site without analyzing the problems of the old site does not always solve the existing errors, on the contrary, it can sometimes amplify them since some of them remain in the memory of the search engines and are magnified when the new site is put online.

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