What You Should Never Do is Delete It

Loss compression of bitmaps on the web improves the layout of these resources for faster loading. Not all browsers currently support it so you have to be careful and know which browser your users are using when using this format. Enable this option if you use images. Compatibility compatibility configuring cache preloading you ne a good understanding of how cache files are generate to understand functionality. When a user visits a page on our website for the first time, the page is cache and a cache file is generate which is pass on to subsequent users. When the cache expires we determine the time and.

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It happens the same way when the cache version is delete or we Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List delete all caches. In cache preload using preload cache preload cache by activating the preload option what we do is load a cache previous version so that even the first user has a faster version of our website. This is done through a sitemap link so we ne a sitemap. A sitemap is a generate file which shows our website using plugins such as or we can easily generate it. If you want to learn how to use make site.

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The map we will show you here. Preload rank math Lead Sale sitemap use the plugin preload sitemap preload links this is a feature add in the latest version. The goal is to pr ict the next page the user will visit when the cursor passes the loading page is preload in case the user clicks on the link. This function, which is already being done by a specific plug-in, improves the user experience of browsing the webpage itself. Of course this is not a factor in the load time improvement nor you will see an improvement in the audit tool metrics. Requests to preload are issue frequently when we use them.

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