What is a prompt for

prompt for ChatGPT is an input instruction, command, or phrase that is provided to ChatGPT to get a response.

For example, if you write on ChatGPT: “Write the carbonara recipe”, this short instruction is just a prompt.

There are many types of prompts that you can use, some simple, some very complex, and which you can use to create an optimized blog, loved by your readers and well positioned on search engines.

So let’s see together the main things in which ChatGPT can help you as a blogger and the best prompts to use to get the answers you are looking for.

How can help bloggers and the best prompts

There are many ways in which ChatGPT can help bloggers in the production of blog content – ​​but also social or email marketing .

And I’m not just talking about copywriting but also Bulk SMS Romania about creating an effective editorial plan and the related editorial calendar, finding new ideas for your articles , translating content into multiple languages ​​or developing better calls-to-action.

Let’s see the main ways we can use ChatGPT.


1. Create an effective editorial calendar

well-structured editorial calendar is essential for a successful digital marketing blogger. And ChatGPT can be a valuable tool to help you create an effective editorial calendar, providing you with ideas and suggestions for your future content.

Here is an example of a prompt you can use:

PROMPT : “Create an editorial plan for the month Lead Sale of September 2023 for a gardening blog in a table that is divided into 7 columns, where each column contains: article title, main keyword, secondary and related keywords , keyword difficulty, category, tag, publication date.

And here is the result:

Not bad, don’t you think?

Obviously you can also optimize the prompt with the information you need and possibly already providing the categories and tags you use on your blog.

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