WeTransfer, what it is and how you can use it to share files

WeTransfer, what it is and how you can use it to share files. The way we communicate and the flow of information has evolved constantly and progressively in recent years. The way in which we transfer said information has gone from a floppy disk, to a CD, to a pendrive, to today’s software that allows us to keep all that information in the cloud without the need for any external tool. In this sense, we have a multitude of tools at our disposal that allow us to provide us with all the information we want, in real time, and anywhere in the world.

What is Wetransfer

Wetransfer is an online tool that allows you to transfer files for free. Therefore, both by email and in a link so you can share it through other means, such as WhatsApp, for example. However, the free version can be a little limited, since you can only transfer up to 2 GB, which has a time limit so that the person you send them to can download them, which is still not bad at all. That’s why it also has a PLUS version, with which you can transfer up to 20 GB job function email list manage your shipments because by having storage space of up to 100GB, you can decide the expiration of the shipments and where the files you want to transfer are password protected.

How does Wetransfer work

 Wetransfer is very easy to use and also very practical, we will see it soon. You just have to go to their website. Therefore, add the files you want to transfer (remember that you have up to 2GB in the free version). Add your email and that of the recipient, or create a link with the files, and in a few seconds you will have received the attached files. After this, you will only have to verify in your Lead Sale email that it has been sent successfully. Therefore, and you will have 7 days to download the files. Easy, right? But still, don’t worry, we explain it in more detail below.

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