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Metrics that control our strategy and enable correct evaluation of its performance. Large Size Landing Page A landing page is a page on our website whose goal is to maximize signups or direct calls to our business signups send contact forms Lazy Load Lazy Load or Lazy Load is the definition of loading an element when a user looks at it while scrolling concept instead of fully loading elements as they land on the page. Link Juice Link juice is the concept that defines the transfer of authority inside and outside of links. Long-tail keywords, or long-tail keywords, are those that don’t have a high search volume but usually provide higher conversions.

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High rate keywords because they are more granular Romania Mobile Number List less difficult. LSI Keywords Keywords refer to the meaning latent semantic index or those keywords that help to enhance the context and semantics of the article. Meta Description The meta description is the tag that shows the description of the page as it will appear in the search results below the title. Meta tags Meta tags are code snippets that help us provide additional information to search engines Be it the image indexing process Mobile-first indexing is the process of putting all the focus and importance on web crawling using its mobile proxy instead of desktop.

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The no-index tag allows us to tell search engines. That we don’t want Lead Sale that page or group of pages to be index in search results. The label for a disallow link is an indication of the permissions we want to give to that link. But search engines will always decide how to interpret it bas on their criteria. Any Open Graph The Open Graph Protocol is a set of social meta tags. That allow pages to be display on social networks with better-design titles describing images. The page experience is getting better and better. The page experience or user experience will be consider to rate the webpage loading and user interactivity and visual stability according to this criterion.

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