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How to Interpret and R erect When we talk about how to interpret actions we must pay special attention to two concepts index and link. Indexing is the act of adding a bot to its content index. The usual thing when encounter is that the new is index and the old is deindex for a variable period of time being remove from the index. In the case of old hold indexes is normal. Links Link building, the strategy of getting natural external links that help make our pages organic, is one of the pillars. But what if I have to r erect all the links that I work so hard to get to my page.

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Also in case of  direction the popular signals provide by China Mobile Number List external links. Are integrate into the new one and in case of  direction they remain unhang in the old one. Now what happens if we misconfigure one or it’s program correctly but we forget to restore it to its original state according to webmaster trend analysts if they have any indication that it’s actually misconfigur they’ll put It is consider a permanent rather than a temporary direction. What to think about direction This is why prefer origins end up being seen more like prefer destinations over time.

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For example if all internal and external links point Lead Sale to the destination. We should probably select the destination as well. It has no fix term. John Muller I’m not sure how long I’d have to keep it around for it to be consider permanent depending. On cache and page permissions could be months weeks or even days. And his team recently comment that they should even try to keep them for a year if possible. When to Use Now that you know what they are for and how they differ from it. It will be easier for you to understand the appropriate use case for. If you have wrong content on your page that you have to correct. You don’t want the user to be stuck while the correction process lasts access it. If you want to direct traffic to a specific landing page in response. To a specific event or action such as a specific offer on a special date.

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