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Families the system leaves out. In its publication Human Development and the Challenges of Sustainable Recovery in Mexico, it warns that strategies for continuing the school year consider the use of digital and technological media, which are used by students at all education levels and must be learned online, yet in Mexico only 12 households have computer equipment. of households have an internet connection. This number is much lower in rural areas and more than half of households have a computer and connection. Online education platforms have become a very necessary alternative to deal with the current crisis is one of them and because of it.

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Highly configurable level and probably the most Oman Mobile Number List widely used globally. But before getting into the topic let us know more about what is an open source free solution for generating an online education platform from basic education to commercial course management. The platform has developed a structure to meet current pandemic needs including ease of use, continuous updates, community support and extensive documentation available for implementation and management. Scalable to adapt to any device More than configurable languages ​​Mexico has become the world’s most widely used open source educational platform with at least one.

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How to extract phone numbers from excel

Registered sites and over 100,000 users worldwide. We Lead Sale have a registration site in Mexico that ranks fourth. In the world after the United States, Spain and Germany. Using statistics to register, Mexico has managed to adapt and transform. Its educational vision and what drastic change means, but most importantly, moving. Forward to overcome the infinite adversity of the future. There is no better definition than Mexico. However, this is a complex and time-consuming process with a slow but constant learning curve. We know it can be stressful for teachers and students to adjust to remote teaching so quickly.

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