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Remember that the more users who do this the more brand awareness you will gain. Gaining followers if your aim is to increase the number of followers then a basic requirement is that users must follow you in order to participate. The best way is that they must mention other users in the comments so you can increase the reach of the contest interested people will also follow you to be able to participate. Increase engagement to achieve this you need users to interact with your profile. That’s why a good request for engagement might be for them to comment on your post or send you a private message.

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Capture leads to capture leads you will need their email so the best way to engage is to bring them to a landing page or your web page so they can sign up Jamaica Mobile Number List and leave their data. You can install the form on your page or do it through the contest platform. There are countless forms you can use. Always keep in mind the data you will ask for registration so that they are fair and necessary so users don’t leave registration prematurely. Attract to point of sale if you have a brick and mortar store and want to drive traffic to your business you can suggest that the prize is an in-store shopping body.

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Discount code redeemed on site or participant must purchase Lead Sale product. Unless you have a lot of outlets around the world it’s important that you consider promoting the game locally to make sure you reach the right people. Introducing a product would be fun if the engagement requirement was for users to share said product in their feed or stories. You can create a contest post with a video or image clearly showcasing the product users must share in order to participate. The requirement to drive web traffic engagement must be for the user to visit your website and perform an action there such as subscribing to a newsletter.

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