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Advantages of influencer marketing this trend has grown with the development of social networks and has become a benchmark for many users. So it’s common knowledge that this is a very interesting channel to promote our products or services. Some of the advantages of launching an influencer campaign is reaching your prospects through people they already trust. This inevitably creates a great deal of trust and reliability. They no longer trust your brand but trust the influencer who recommends it. The reach of a campaign can be very large. Influencers who already have millions of followers can be influenced, some even bigger than tv itself.

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Provide value and quality to the brand. Also they France Mobile Number List humanize it and communicate easily because of their brand value. Segmentation is very good in some cases because there are influencers in almost all fields like food sports auto detailing music tourism video games so they are very niche communities. Yet others have very flat communities of people from a variety of locations and interests. Types of influencers types of influencers so is influencer a career well let’s say it’s a result of some success in digital channels but yes it can be a career.

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This allows us to distinguish between the different Lead Sale types of influencers that exist. Opinion leaders have the ability to influence people such as bill gates due to their legitimacy. Celebrities are usually athletes or artists and are usually hired as sponsors by big brands such as Cristiano Ronaldo. Influencer a native of a social network with a large following. Yet they are not well known outside the audience and have professionalized their activities such as í. A micro-influencer is usually someone who doesn’t make a living off social networks but has strong prescribing power. Usually they are niche without a huge community but they are fun as well.

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