Use brainstorming writing techniques

A super effective technique for sparking creativity and overcoming any creative blocks you might have during your daily writing sessions is brainstorming .But how does it work? There are several methods.One is mind mapping where you draw a visual map of your ideas. It can be created with texts but also with images, GIFs, newspaper clippings and anything that can help you find new ideas and make new connections.Another technique, which I also use a lot, is freewriting , where you start writing straight away, freely, without worrying about form, content or coherence. The important thing is to clear your mind and let ideas flow without judgment.

The goal of these exercises is to generate as many ideas as possible that Bulk SMS Slovakia you can later select and develop at your own pace. And they are extremely effective: try to believe!

7. Find the sacred moment for your daily writing

Taking a moment to write every day, even a short one, but without exceptions , is a powerful practice for creating a solid and lasting daily writing routine. I called it my “sacred moment” (but you can call it any name you prefer!), a precious moment to connect with your creativity and bring your ideas to life.


While time may seem like a limited

Luxury in your day, find a window of time that Lead Sale you can set aside solely for writing . It could be at dawn, during your lunch break or before bed. The important thing is to establish a fixed moment in which you commit yourself to writing without exception.

Your sacred moment of writing doesn’t have to last hours: it’s fine even if it’s very short. For example only 15-30 minutes a day, the important thing is that it is constant, every day. Without exception: even during the holidays, during the holidays, when you’re tired, when you don’t feel like it.


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