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Can you go with use Directory what is domain authority basically it’s about assigning a numerical value to the relevancy of that domain or web page. This authority can be put into context by comparing it to other web pages in the world. Although to be fair it’s fun to be the page with the most authority or popularity in your particular niche. How domain authority is measure traditionally, domain authority is associate with its inbound link profile. Usually the relevance of a domain depends on the number of external links pointing to its pages. To simplify a lot, it can be said that the more links, the greater the domain authority.

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Later, we will explain domain authority and page authority. In Brazil Mobile Number List the network authority, we must distinguish two types. Domain authority is the authority to measure the overall authority of the site. For this it considers all links to the pages they point to. Page authority this is a specifically own authority that is isolate from the rest of the site. Page authority and the value of page authority for one of our articles. In this example our domain type article has a page authority of domain authority of. Google page rank as we said at the beginning of this article it all starts.

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What is it is one of Google’s algorithms. In this case it Lead Sale was record and release by he yu. The purpose of is to measure the authority and quality of the different pages index in. For this they assign values ​​on a logarithmic scale to which, among other things, the values ​​of the reference or link system were calculate. This indicator can be consult at any time and is very relevant among companies contracting network location services. This leads to link spam, link farms and other techniques perform to boost. Google announce in that it would stop updating its index, although they admit they continue to use it internally.

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