Understanding the True Meaning of Patience

This book contains nothing new to us. Our brain recognizes it as a repetition of what we already know well, and so our brain asks to stop wasting time with the book.
This book contains information that has many prerequisites. Therefore our brain is not ready to handle the information. We should leave that book for now and come back to it after reading many other books.
Spend a year doing this.
After that we will probably laugh at our stupidity and bias in the past year.

During the journey, we will absorb some new fallacies , therefore it is not wise to stop the journey.

Keep reading the book and these biases will be cleared.

We will never stop having fallacies but their frequency will decrease

This is because a fallacy has its own pattern Whatsapp Mobile Number List and a wise mind can learn to avoid most of them.

This is why we find wise people to be the last ones to make decisions or judge things.

This is because they are “open minded”.

They know they still don’t have enough information.

Most of the time, people rarely get perfect knowledge.

Therefore, the wisest people often refuse to decide on a matter of uncertainty or easily give advice to those who ask.

They will only talk about what they know and refuse to comment on what they are not sure about

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Listening to this verse, Abu Bakr continued to forgive Lead Sale this man and give him help.

There are similar stories in the history of Islam, including today where some forgive those who wronged them, even those who killed their family members.

It requires a big heart, but try to build our heart through time (not only to help us sleep but also for our afterlife)

2. Resolving Any Conflicts and Emotional Issues
When we go through a difficult situation (argument with spouse or children, boss), try to solve the issue within 24 hours and don’t let it drag on for days.

It will only make the situation worse for us (and affect our sleep).

Whether we are at fault or the victim, be the first to resolve the issue.

As the Prophet Muhammad SAW said: “The best of two people is the one who initiates the salam.

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