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Users on terms that are not relevant to your service or product. The key to a successful campaign is knowing exactly which keywords we’re interested in using to increase click through and conversion rates. Reasons to use negative keywords Improve ad quality. Improve conversion rates. Improve your click-through rate. Drive more relevant users to your website. Optimize your campaign budget. Raised in exchange for advertising costs. Negative keywords help reduce irrelevant clicks and increase the percentage of users who are actually in your ad. This not only optimizes our budget but also improves ROAS.

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Make sure that ad spend is to the right Taiwan Mobile Number List people and the right places. How to Add Negative Keywords Now that we know what negative keywords are and why they are important to our campaigns let’s look at how we can use them to improve ad performance. Search Term Report The first thing we to know is what search term our ad is showing for. For this we can use the search term report which tells us about what the user is really looking for. This action allows us to research terms to identify new keywords and possible negative keywords.

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If your ad is showing for an irrelevant search term Lead Sale you should add it to your negative keyword list. This report can be found in your account by clicking the Keywords section on the left side of the screen and then clicking Search terms next to the Negative Keywords tab at the top. Search terms report If you find certain terms that are irrelevant to your products and services you can exclude them completely. Just click the checkbox next to the search term you want to exclude and then click the Add as negative keyword link again. How to Add Negative Keyword Ideas The report also allows you to refine the keyword match types you use.

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