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Audit and Control Corporate email services have logging facility logs for message entry and exit. This way you can control reject, bounce or fail messages. These are essential information for companies doing business via email. Types of Business Email You can use different types of business email in your email sending. Depending on the goal of the campaign you can choose between marketing notifications or transactional emails. Knowing each of them will allow you to improve the effectiveness of your email marketing. Email marketing can be use in addition to its main purpose.

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Other purposes are to promote your company or Tunisia Mobile Number List attract new clients. Email campaigns can also be use as another communication channel with customers. The unique and efficiency of e-mail must be considered. Another aspect to consider is the type of email that can be use. These are categorized according to your goals. So we see emails that are just for advertising and emails that are sent on birthdays on special occasions and even emails that are use to engage with users after they have transacted through the page. For example the issuance of a purchase confirmation or a payment receipt.

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Knowing these different types of business emails will allow Lead Sale you to implement emails that work for you base on what you want to achieve. This way you can introduce new tools in the emails you send. Thereby finding alternatives that can help you improve your connection with users. Notification emails To send this type of email you must have a more direct connection with the user. This will give you access to data such as date of birth or transactions you have made on the page. This information can be use to send emails to users on special dates. Congratulations on your purchase or acquisition as well.

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