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Bugs in this allow us to fix them quickly and efficiently. This is certainly one of the superstitious tools of experts which is why in our agency we use it every day to analyze our clients’ websites. If we think that our website should be better optimize for maximum possible engagement we cannot forget another important free tool from the digital marketing and analytics suite eg. It offers us the possibility to carry out testing multivariate tests and retargeting campaigns so that these can be configur in the most efficient way and fully cover the user experience according to the most common tastes and of our clients.

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It helps to make decisions about changes applicable Oman Mobile Number List to the web base. On the data we collect through experiments that we will previously configure in different elements of our website. This generates hypotheses to appeal to different audiences for our business and obtains extensive data on testing variables to monitor these data and derive the variables that are most suitable for our business. However, despite the usefulness of the tool widely known today, we know that the tool will disappear in the near future. But this is not as negative as it seems because most of its functions will not disappear but will be into . Bystander Studio We can’t forget another classic old revamp from Google’s free tools.

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It connects business intelligence with machine learning Lead Sale and artificial intelligence. Dashboards formerly known as this tool allows us to link various sources so that all data that we consider relevant base on our business objectives is display in a panel or dashboard in an easy and intuitive way when interpreted. It even allows us to compare them with previous periods to detect improvements or corrections regarding different actions we perform on our website. Regarding the sources we can use it can be easily connect with all the google tools we use so the data it shows us also provides real time information about how our website is progressing in a dynamic and fully configurable way We end with the only non-tool on this list.

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