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Also, use easy-to-understand language. If you need to use slang or technical terms, be sure to explain these to your audience. 05 Poorly formatted pictures, complex charts or graphs Avoid making PowerPoint presentation mistakes by using poorly formatted images in your slides. Taking photos online for presentations is easy. Some images with white backgrounds are available for templates with pure white backgrounds. However, if you’re using a template with a dark background, it’s a good idea to format the image so that it visually fits your slideshow. You can remove the white background of an image or make the background transparent in seconds using an editing program such as Photoshop or Paint. Most of the public dislike tables and graphs.

Label these illustrations properly

They can appreciate the graphs and data in the charts. Make sure they are simple and easy to read. 06. Too many animations, transitions, and distractions Applying animation to almost every element on a slide is a big no-no. You might find it amusing and entertaining, but chances SMS Gateway Brunei are your audience will hate it. You will lose their attention and interest. Simple animations are recommended, and only use them when you want to emphasize text or phrases or want to recapture the audience’s attention. Avoid using other media, such as clip art, in your presentation. They look sticky. It is best to use high-quality images. Every element you use in your slides should add value to your presentation.


Anyone who has used PowerPoint is familiar

With basic built-in transitions such as fly in/out, wipe, fade in and out, and more. You may find these transitions amusing, but they are very distracting and should be avoided. It is recommended to use hard transitions for slideshows. 07 Inconsistency The last mistake you can make Leadsale in a PowerPoint presentation is being inconsistent with the design and content of your slides. For example, use clear fonts from the first slide to the last. Do not use cursive and cursive fonts. If you want to emphasize short words or phrases, use a bold font or change the font color.

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