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Migrants, girls and boys in violent settings, etc. Regularly calling these students while maintaining social distancing may be a good strategy. Using resources at home for experiential educational learning is not exclusive to the classroom. There are also resources at home that can be use to facilitate learning. Some of the resources teachers can use to enhance distance education are mothers, fathers, and grandparents’ knowledge of their profession or industry, their experience with historical events, their family history, etc. Books and games available at home. Everyday activities such as preparing food or calculating household expenses.

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Observe plants and/or animals etc. Using technology for Nigeria Mobile Number List distance education requires innovative ways of communicating. If most of your students have internet access, you can take advantage of various digital platforms to teach sending and receiving assignments and answering questions. It is recommended to use the tools that students are already familiar with and to take advantage of the new tools provided by the cooperation with you, allowing you to prepare lessons remotely, assign assignments, evaluate students, etc. For live lectures you can use or although it must be taken into account that video conferencing and video will always consume more data or require a better connection than audio or text.

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To send and receive files you can use or . If you and Lead Sale your students do not have licenses for word processors or spreadsheets you can use free ones. Some event videos and sources of information can be found on the free-to-use website Khan Academy or on . To answer questions and follow up with students you can use or . This serendipity is an opportunity to learn how to use new tools without having to be afraid of them. Explore them if you’re not familiar with them Many of them are intuitive to use. You can also ask other teachers or your family for help.

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