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It’s not just big brands that can use instagram for influencer marketing. Although it may seem that way. Companies of all sizes can benefit from using influencers on instagram as long as the ones you choose to work with are relevant and have influence in your area. By 2025. The number of global instagram users is expecte to reach over 1.4 billion. According to statista. That’s a lot of eyes on the social meia network and your business could capitalize on that popularity and usability with the help of influencers. The industries that tend to benefit most from influencer marketing on instagram are health and beauty. Food and drink. Travel. Fashion and beauty. Entertainment and meia technology.

Health and fitness

And health and fitness. But every sector can find a place to engage using an influencer on instagram. So. Should new data you use an instagram influencer for your business? Let’s explore that question and give you some great instagram influencer examples to discover. What are the different types of instagram influencers? The state of influencer marketing benchmark report 2022 preicts that the influencer marketing industry is set to grow to $16.4 billion. Influencer marketing has become such a big industry that there are now different types of influencers depending on the nees of your business. Check out our blog ‘20 surprising influencer marketing statistics’ to find out just how big influencer marketing has become.

As you can see it goes from over 1 million followers

 If you’re looking to capitalize on the number of followers an instagram influencer has then there are five main categories: mega. Macro. Micro and nano. As you can see it goes from over 1 million followers Lead Sale down to just 1.000 in terms of following. Influencer types influencer types there are also influencers base on their content or niche. These include: gamers bloggers health and fitness travel photographers fashion parenting beauty business and career these are the main areas on instagram. But you can always find influencers that could fit into your niche if you know what you’re looking for and do your research.

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