The same as the previous virtual data room but at twice the cost

It’s a sizable choice. Some of the key features here include: Unlimited projects and time logging Tasks and recurring dependencies Price: Starts at $625, with an additional $3 per new user added. You can also try a 14-day free trial. 21 Confluence Confluence is a very modern next generation management tool. It helps you manage many different jobs and tasks and allows you to collaborate in a robust manner. Some of Confluence’s key features include: JIRA integration available Advanced tab stops and notifications Price: Price is on request. 22 My Score Scoro is a very well-known cloud-based enterprise management software. A favorite choice in marketing, IT and consulting industries.

Some of the key features of this software

Include: Schedule and track unlimited projects Integrate Google and iCal applications Price: Starts at $25 and goes up to $37/user/month. The free trial period here is 14 days. 23 Ah Aha is a very simple and precise workflow management tool. It is used by many professional organizations around the world, focusing on visual roadmaps. Some key features include: Goal maps and vision cards Both Kanban Bulk SMS China and visual roadmaps are available Price: Starts at $59 and goes up to $149/user/month. You also get a 30-day free trial. 24ActivityWorld is another example of an easy-to-use and widely popular project management tool used in more than 80 countries around the world. Key features include: Timeline view and Kanban view. Available analytics tools Price: $1099 and $2699/user options available.


You also get a 15-day free trial. 25 Taigaio

Taigaio is another dedicated and very easy-to-use. Project management tool that will help you manage your projects in an open source environment. Included features are: Clean kanban view Track bugs and issues Price. Starts with the free tier and goes up to $1,300 for 100 users. Frequently Asked Questions Q1 Can Trello work offline? answer. Absolutely! Any changes made on the card will show up after reconnecting. Q2. Is there a limit to the uploaded file size? A. There is a limit of 100 MB per uploadable file. Which is Leadsale acceptable for small to medium organizations. Q3. What are the best Trello alternatives for developers and programmers? Answer. For developers and programmers, here are some of the best: I Roll I Will Zoho Project Q4. What are the best Trello alternatives for businesses and multinationals? A. Here are a few tips Confluence Smart. 

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