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The purpose of using this indicator is to provide stability for all elements on the screen and they will not change when loading other resources. To pass the test it must be less than seconds. The first input latency or last metric is responsible for measuring the interactivity of our web pages i.e. measuring the time from when a web page is click to when it responds. It must not exec milliseconds. Most of the problems with this indicator come from the execution. Mobile usability success or failure will depend on how well a website adapts to mobile devices. This is critical given that approximately 100% of Internet users access via mobile devices. More information.

Dynamic distribution as source code varies by device

Safe Search The user experience is much better if South Korea Phone Numbers List the site does not contain malicious content that could harm it. Therefore a virus or malware free website is very important. It is very important that the network is free of any type of malicious content to trick or infect users. Safe browsing should be standard for users. All content must be serve through a secure protocol, not only all files that can be load such as files, images, etc. More information. Intrusive pop-ups Google refers to intrusive advertisements that constantly appear on the Internet and on different websites and block the display of certain details of the website.

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Screens are scored using a single dynamic, also known as

More information. How to improve the page Lead Sale experience of your website With the help of tools such as , you can improve the page experience of your website. Thanks to its mobile usability report all pages are available for analysis and it will tell us if they are optimize or on the contrary if they have errors. This way you can ensure that your website is optimize. The pages and metrics in Experience provide us with free for more in-depth analysis. Using this tool we can get real-time performance data from our website. The purpose of the UX-bas report is to obtain data that compares with other websites.

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