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Users are at different points in the buying process and thus their immediate goals are different. In the first search the user is acquiring information possibly to make a purchase later. In the second search he now wants to buy but he doesn’t know which product or service to choose so he consults other sites to find more information to help him make a decision. This is what one should think about when explaining the customer journey. Let’s take a look at a case that is applied to the hotel and tourism industry. The audience is at this stage of listening or discovering that they will travel with their children.

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Search for ideas etc. And consult travel blog destination sites and social Egypt Mobile Number List network research. At this stage of awareness users are already shaping their destination and conducting geo-targeted mid-tail or long-tail searches for hotels in Paris hotels near Disneyland. Considerations users weigh and evaluate different opinions of hotel sites and travel comparators as above here. Action this is the conversion stage where the user searches for a hotel weekend deal of type magic circus and makes a booking on etc. The promotion is the final stage where the loyalty user shares from on the website of the hotel where he is on vacation.

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Write your own rating and leave comments on Lead Sale social networks and different. Schema groups keywords into oriented categories. In hotel seo, a well-defined web architecture is the organization of information taxonomies and mass taxonomies and the different content that make up a website and the grouping of keywords we define in keyword research. Base. A hierarchical model or structure is ideal for organizing websites that contain large amounts of information. Its structure consists of a home page with different sections on the home page from the most general to the most specific. Another benefit of using this structure is that the front page will receive a fair amount of traffic.

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