The focus on affiliate marketing is growing every year

The reason is simpl , brands and companies have understood that affiliate marketing is a super effective way to join forces and make money together.

A win-win technique both for those who have a product or service to sell, and who thanks to affiliate marketing are able to find new customers, and for affiliates, who earn on the sale of products and services of other companies.

2. More and more companies are investing in affiliate marketing

According to a report from 81% of brands have an affiliate program . In particular, according to these researches, 15% of all sales made online come from affiliations.

3. The value of affiliate marketing is 12 billion dollars

The tip of the affiliate marketing iceberg is held by the United States , with a market share of $4.5 billion – or about 39% of the value of affiliate marketing in the world.

Following are Japan, with 15% and Germany with 11%. Together, these three countries alone account for a whopping 65% of the entire global affiliate marketing market .

4. Affiliate marketing is set to grow in the coming years

According to a study conducted by Astute SMS Gateway Slovenia Analytica, the global value of affiliate marketing will reach $39.8 billion in 2031 , up from $20 billion in 2022.

Affiliate Marketing Future Value

5. Blogging is still central to affiliate marketing

is not just a source of pride: it is in fact one of the most effective today.

For example, blogging is still fundamental even for affiliate marketing. According to recent statistics, 64.48% of affiliate sales come from a blog .


6. SEO is the engine of affiliate marketing

70 % of marketers confirm that organic traffic is still essential for selling through affiliations and for this reason they focus a lot on SEO optimization of their blog.

Also according to this report, immediately after SEO, the most effective method for acquiring traffic remains email

7. 94% of publishers use many different affiliate programs

Another study indicates that 94% of the most successful publishers use different affiliate programs, not just one affiliate program.

In addition to platforms such asit is therefore also important to find “own” affiliations, which do not rely on affiliate marketplaces.

8. The most used niche in affiliate marketing is the fashion niche

Again according to a Zippia report, the niche that dominates the affiliate market is the fashion niche , with over 23.37%.

The niches follow:

  • Sports & outdoors, with 18.16%
  • Health, well-being and beauty, with 13.81%
  • Travel, with 10.74%.

9. Affiliate marketing moves mainly on mobile

As you might have guessed, the majority of affiliate sales these days are made from a mobile device .

It is therefore crucial that our  affiliate marketing campaigns are also optimized for mobile phones .

More specifically, Statcounter found that affiliate sales are made:

  • 58.57% from mobile devices
  • 39.35% from desktop
  • for the remaining 2.08% from tablets.

10. 93% of consumers rely on reviews

According to a study conducted by Podium, 93% of consumers decide to make a purchase after reading a review .

This also indicates quite clearly why the role of blogs in affiliate marketing is still so relevant.

11. 20% of affiliates earn between $20,000 and $80,000 annually

Affiliate marketing is still one of the highest paying ways to make money online . The average income of an affiliate marketer is in fact 65,000 dollars a year.

More specifically, according to research conducted by Zippia:

  • 19 % of marketers make less than $20,000 a year
  • 20 % of affiliates earn between 20 and 80 thousand dollars a year
  • 25.5 % earn between 81 and 200 thousand dollars a year
  • % earn between 201 and 400 thousand dollars a year
  • 10 % earn between $401 and $1 million annually
  • 19.5 % of marketers make at least $1 million annually.

12. The main affiliate marketing networks

Amazon still tops the list of the largest affiliate networks, with 900,000 registered publishers.

Followed by with 700,000 affiliates, with 241,000 affiliates and ClickBank , with 100,000 affiliates.

13. Which industries offer the highest commissions?

According to a study conducted by Influencer Marketing Hub , eveno target can change your earnings.

In fact, this report reveals that the average commission percentage is:

  • 20-70% in SaaS niches
  • 35-40% in finance
  • 15-30% in e-learning
  • 20% in business
  • 10-30% in health and beauty
  • 13% in fashion
  • 10-20% in fitness.

Affiliate Marketing FAQs

How to start doing affiliate marketing?

First, choose a niche you want to target. n the Leadsale topic you want to promote. Then join affiliate programs for products or services related to your niche and share your affilate links. When someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you’ll earn a commission.

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