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It is very important to optimize the product table correctly at the level. The following factors must be consider. It must be descriptive including brand and category. Descriptive text should include the features that are most important to users. The information must be of high quality and well process . We had to create as unique a text as possible for each product that include the main keyword and relat keywords naturally and without abuse. Provider-supply text should be avoid. Review ratings tend to build trust. It is usually one of the first sections that users who are interest in a product consult. They can have an am irate and positive impact on sales.

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On-level ratings are positive because they allow pages Germany Mobile Number List to be update with original and relevant content more frequently. Structure Data Add structure data to your product table. It allows you to tag things like price, availability, ratings so that it will show up as a rich result in search engine results. Images We also had to optimize the images of our products. For this we have to write a descriptive text in the tag of each image. As long as it is not force to suggest the inclusion of the main. The image of the product must be sharp and clear. Very similar products often appear in e-commerce.

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In this case it’s better to pick a main one and put a Lead Sale label on it or normalize the rest to avoid homogenization problems. Variation suggestions for the same product will have to highlight temporarily out of stock and discontinue products. It is usually good practice to include a message that the product is currently unavailable in the first case. What you should never do is delete it or do r erects. For discontinue products you should check if there is a similar product in the store that we can use to r erect them to that product. If not please check if it has organic traffic or links if so can be reload.

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