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Now however certificates and security protocols have play a key role Google has shown a very prominent notice to users visiting unsafe sites. Step 1 Check that you have fully install and correctly configur security certificates and all non-secure directs to their secure equivalents. Web analysis before web performance optimization The first step in using or web optimization is to do a prior analysis at the level of the current situation to see the state of each page’s resources being us and how we can improve them. There are many free tools available to help us analyze and implement performance improvements.

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You can see them below Step 1 Analyzing the Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List performance of your network with different tools Tool Matrix Google Lighthouse These tools will give you some indicative values ​​and also show you a set of recommendations and possible improvements you can implement. Server Compression Compression improves server performance and makes server response times faster. Action Execute and enter your site’s into this validator to verify that everything is working correctly. Asynchronous loading and lazy loading Many times due to the news of the company we have implement code such as support chat which slows down the network loading a lot.

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The same goes for images, videos, and other large Lead Sale format files. If instead of loading them directly when the user visits the page, we load them as the user scrolls and scrolls the page we will create a more durable and reliable experience. Step 1 If you include suggestions in your review remember to mention that asynchronous loading of scripts and lazy loading of images and videos must be implement. Also it must be verify that these are only load when the user scrolls through the browser’s console cascade or uses a tool. Also remember to check that the expires header is well configur and use a protocol instead. This will allow multiple elements to be load at the same time instead of sequentially.

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