How to create professional templates for your email marketing campaigns

In this post I tell you how to create professional-looking templates for your Email Marketing campaigns. Hello! How are you? All good? I hope so! Today I decided to make a very useful post but also short to read… We are talking specifically about the creation of email templates that look super mega pretty and that work so much that you “piiiiiii” in both the most common programs (Outlook, Mail App , Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) desktop as well as web and mobile versions. Do you want to impress your subscribers with a professional design in your campaigns? Well this is your article.

Beautiful HTML Designs vs Plain Texts in your Email campaigns. How to create

Before continuing, let’s stop for a little while and make an obligatory reflection: is it advisable or not to use HTML content in your email campaigns? .How to create Quite a question, right? Well yes, it is a mandatory question since there are a lot of arguments category email list in favor and a lot against, so you will have to make a decision. Why not use HTML content in your Email Campaigns? Although there are countless arguments on this issue, I want to refer to this excellent Hubspot article (in English): Plain Text vs HTML Emails: Which is better? . The article begins by referring to the fact that, in most cases, this debate focuses on deliverability (masters, an index that tells you what percentage of the emails sent definitely reach the recipients’ inbox) and that there are Two super important factors to take into account:

How to createThe HTML code must be “perfect”

I say perfect for emphasis, eh? That perfection does not exist, you know. But it is very important that it does not contain errors and that it is built following the W3C standard. There must be an alternative plain text version as part of the email itself. Many mail clients and servers are not able to interpret emails in HTML format. Many users even configure their Lead Sale clients to not display the HTML version of an email. Therefore, if you do not have a text version, your emails may not reach their destination. Wow, how easy. If this were enough, the debate would not be open, don’t you think? That’s why Hubspot decided to do a survey and ask their subscribers what type of email they preferred . [piopialo vcboxed=»1″]If you want to deceive the server, you have to send it in plain text..[/piopialo]

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