Teachable provides comprehensive reporting and analytics

In this way you can always obtain valuable information to optimize your courses and your marketing strategies so as to make decisions based on data and not on sensations.

Affiliate Program

Do you want to multiply the sales of your courses? Then I have good news for you: Teachable also offers an internal affiliate program , through which you can give each of your affiliates a unique affiliate link.

And you will decide all the details. For example, you can create an affiliate registration form and decide whether to approve them automatically or manually, you can choose which courses to offer as affiliates and which not, the duration of the validity of the affiliate links and you can also create resources and promotional materials for your affiliates and manage them all from one dashboard.

Your affiliates will also have access to their own dashboard , where they will find everything they need to better promote your courses and products.

Furthermore, by activating Teachable BackOffice – another platform feature – you won’t even have to think about the payments of your affiliates because Teachable itself will Bulk SMS Indonesia pay their earnings every first working day of the month.

A lot of time saved and an extra service for you!


One of the features that make Teachable one of the most effective online course platforms is precisely the fact that it can be integrated with dozens and dozens of different tools .

Some tools can be connected directly from Teachable through your dashboard, such as:

How to learn to use Teachable

Learning to use Teachable is very easy because Lead Sale the platform provides its creators with many useful resources.

Here are some tools that will help you become a Teachable expert.


The Teachable community is a place where you can connect with other creators, exchange ideas, ask questions, and get support.

You can participate in discussion forums, study groups and webinars organized by the community, obtaining valuable advice and sharing your experiences.


Teachable also has a variety of guides and additional resources to help you on your online course creation journey.

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