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Therefore, it is key that we distinguish the different learning styles: visual, auditory, kinesthetic or reading-writing. To do this, we can do a free VARK Test to identify a person’s preferences when studying and get the most out of it. That said, we will look for the most suitable study method for each person. Therefore, below, we will see some types of effective study methods to organize, retain, and manage new learning information more effectively: Cornell Method It was developed by a professor at Cornell University and is based on optimizing the way we take notes and organize notes in classes and then study them.

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This technique is based on dividing a sheet into three sections . After that, you can write down the class notes , key words and a short summary in the spaces distributed. This study method is b2b leads perfect for students to review in a more effective way. Now, we will look in more depth at the spaces we divide: Class notes : In this part place your main notes. Try to keep them short sentences in list or bullet form. Try using abbreviations and examples.

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This section will go on the right side and is the largest space of all. Keywords : This is usually done after you finish your class notes. Here you can find the phrases that you Lead Sale consider essential to better understand the topic. It is also a space to post and ask questions you ask yourself. This sector will be on the left side. Short summary : It consists of writing down specifically what you learned in the class or lesson. The action of going backwards and synthesizing the information will help you a lot in your learning process.


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