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It is critical for leaders to give them an honest answer because uncertainty about the reasons for leaving can lead to rumors and fear that can affect emotional engagement and productivity. Once your employees have a better understanding of why employees are leaving the team, further questions may focus on how the departure will affect them, their workload, and the rest of the team. More specifically the most common questions will focus on workload expectations and when the leader will start interviewing for the position. When discussing these issues with your team, it is important to address any questions or concerns employees may have about their workload.

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Your employees may be concerned that the departure of a co-worker Job Function Email List will create additional work stress for them and the rest of the team. Your job in this situation is to reassure them. Even if you don’t specifically answer all of the team’s questions about the employee leaving and how it will affect them, taking the time to address them reassures them to move on. Create a plan of action You tell your team that a colleague is leaving the team permanently or temporarily. You took the time to address your initial questions and concerns. Now is the time to create an action plan. What’s the best way to make it happen Create a plan with your team.

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Rather than creating a plan yourself, involve employees early Lead Sale on and listen to their concerns and suggestions. If they are part of the solution they will be more motivated to see the transition plan successfully implemented. Schedule a meeting with your staff to gain insight into what the departing employee was doing and how this fits into the overall team’s workflow and how you can reallocate their tasks in a way that benefits the project and everyone else. team. It can be beneficial to temporarily stop or suspend some planning and redistribute work with team members when someone leaves.

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