Spy on your competitors and steal their strategies

Another way that can help you understand if you’re going in the right direction – and find new strategies to implement – ​​is to spy on your competitors .In fact, there are numerous tools, such as Semrush , which allow you first of all to intercept your competitors , from the largest and most well-known ones to the smaller ones that may have just started making their way.Once intercepted, through Semrush you can find their best positioned pages , what are their strongest keywords, if they are advertising and if so, on which content.This way you can also understand what your competitors’ efforts are focusing on . They have probably already done analyzes and tests and what they work on the most is exactly what brings them the best results.

 Don’t sell!

Ok, I know what you’re thinking now: “Eleonora, what are you saying? How can I increase my sales if I don’t sell?!”

Ok, let me explain: don’t be a pot salesman.

Before you even sell, you need to get people to trust you .

Does aggressive marketing, aggressive sales, manipulating people’s minds and all the sales techniques that marketing gurus explain to you work? Yes, probably yes, they work. But only in the short term. This is why you need to constantly push on the accelerator to find new customers.

Aggressive marketing is in fact used in particular to sell maximize the sales of a product in the shortest possible time. For this reason, this type of marketing is often associated with shoddy products: we sell everything we can in a short time and then, with our pockets full, we turn our attention elsewhere.

If, on the other hand, you want to create a stable and lasting business, which can work for you even when you are not actively working – perhaps because you want UK Phone Number List a little break, take a vacation or whatever – then the best way is not to sell: it is to create sincere relationships .

And how are these relationships created? Here are some super effective tips.

Only sponsor products that you really know, use and like

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Don’t follow easy money .

You can’t imagine how many times I’ve said no to very attractive collaboration proposals on an economic level but to trainers that I don’t respect or products that I didn’t like at all. Have I lost?

No, I’ve earned the trust of the people who follow me . And I’m even better with my conscience, I guarantee you.

Make it clear that you use affiliate links

If you use affiliate links, say so. Make people aware Lead Sale that you are making money every time they decide to buy a product through your link.

Your readers won’t lose anything by using your affiliate links, quite the contrary. Very often, in fact, companies offer affiliates offers and promotions to offer to their users. In this way, people who visit your blog can then save on the purchase of products thanks to your blog.

It’s a win-win game , a team game between you and your audience: they save and you earn.


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