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If you find this article useful please don’t forget to share it with your friends on social networks. Part of being a leader is recognizing the top performers on your team and doing everything you can to make sure they stay on your team. However, this is not always possible. Sometimes you have to say goodbye to important members of your team. The departure of a key employee, whether leaving the organization or taking extended leave, can be difficult to deal with. To get the message to the team how we can fill that gap and make sure his departure doesn’t lead to a loss of productivity you should.

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Support a current employee and ensure that the C Level Contact List person’s departure does not negatively impact the team. Communicate the resignation or furlough to other employees. As a leader, you are the first, or at least the first, to know that a key member of your team is leaving. People permanently if they resign or temporarily if they leave. This means that the onus of getting the message out to the rest of the team falls on your shoulders. If you’re wondering what the key is to notifying the rest of your team of an employee’s departure, perhaps the answer is to be as open and honest as the situation allows.

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Effectively handling the departure of key team members means Lead Sale being as transparent as possible. Given the need to respect privacy, it is important that we share as much information about employee departures as possible. The process is simpler if your employees are temporarily leaving the company. You can let the rest of the team know that he will be on leave but will return to the organization in the future. Reasons for which you may or may not share permission, depending on the situation. For example if an employee is on maternity leave you can usually share that with your team. But if an employee is on sick leave it is best not to share that information and let the employee on leave decide whether to share these details with colleagues and let him or her decide when to share them.

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