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How does all this affect your website then from this date onwards Google will treat your website as a smartphone user. If smartphone users do not have the same options as users using the desktop version then this content will not be consider and therefore not index in the future. Having a mobile-friendly website is very important by now. As a recommend action in your Black Friday strategy we encourage you to focus on good mobile-friendly practices and consider making your site responsive to such devices. Use Google’s mobile optimization tool as a starting point. Google Mobile Optimizer will be of great help to you.

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Have a look at our mobile optimization tools on our Armenia Mobile Number List website to create. A link campaign link building. Creating a link building campaign as part of your Black Friday strategy will help your website gain domain authority and improve your rankings on the results pages. Tool is great for finding niche sites as well as being able to get quality links to your site. A good strategy is to reach out to bloggers or product promotion sites and try to get links and offer them Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday discounts. Conclusion Strategizing for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday and planning ahead what you’re going to do will help you get more out of.

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More traffic leads and of course higher business Lead Sale sales. We encourage you to follow all of our recommendations. Don’t waste any more time, black Friday and cyber Monday are just around the corner and start preparing. Your strategy for these events now, dear reader, what strategies are you using to promote. Your products or services at and events in the comment box tell us. until next year black. Friday and cyber Monday Francisco de Luis mane Francisco de. Luis mane seo tutorial black Friday and cyber Monday do you have.

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