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If your site has a free test or other results can be email to Search keyword those who provide their email address. Read more about why a downloadable guide is an important part of lead acquisition Downloadable guide for your website five main benefits Combine email collection with paid social mia advertising Have you ever seen an ad on social mia for an enticing guide or content that you could download without leaving FacebookHandy! Growing your email list doesnt have to be limit to just one platform.

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With Somes paid advertising you can reach the right target group of downloadable guides for example and lower the download threshold. In Facebook the Lead Ads feature offers the possibility to integrate business email list your e-mail program with an advertising format so that for example the downloaders of the guide are directly sent to your e-mail list. Make the most of all customer encounters – also live Above we discuss the possibilities of digital channels to increase newsletter traffic but dont forget live meetings either!

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business email list

downloadable guide is – and underutiliz – ways to build your email list and build leads. By downloadable content I mean genuine Lead Sale value-adding content that your site visitors get for free in exchange for their email address. In practice the downloadable contents work both in consumer business and in business sales. They are particularly effective in B2B business and industries with long sales cycles where purchases are consider and tender. The purpose of the downloadable guide is not to act as a product brochure but to offer genuinely useful information to your potential customer.

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