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To make it into the search results. Sitemaps sitemaps, or sitemaps, are documents that allow us to indicate to google that we want to give more consideration to our sites so that they are prioritized when crawling and indexing. There are currently several types of sitemaps, overviews, pages, images, videos, messages. To create them we can use external online tools such as and plugins if we use content managers etc. Or we can create them manually using other types of tools if we use our own. Code. Once we have created them.

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We just need to upload them to the server and pass them Find Your Phone Numbers to so that they are taken into account. Sitemap using the sitemap tool we can not only send a sitemap but also control the indexing process of the urls sent. Mobile usability the mobile usability report will analyze all of our pages using mobile usability and tell us if they are optimized or have any errors. To fix this and ensure optimization we recommend that you also use the official mobile verification tool. Seo mobile usability is in the report.

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We will be able to see all valid pages of our website Lead Sale and all mobile usability errors. Some of the most common mistakes in this regard are text too. Small to read you have to make sure the text is big enough to display correctly from mobile devices. Another feature of clickable elements too close to each other is that it notifies you of such errors made by design and layout. Many times when we create pages we don’t take mobile responsive design into consideration and we place buttons and other interactive elements poorly. The content is wider than the screen if we don’t properly define the viewport to make the page responsive.

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