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The elements we call above the fold must load fast and be readable and users can interact with them in this way. It should be not that elements that appear when the user taps the screen or scrolls will not be affect. The largest content can be a piece of text, a video, a picture, etc. The best time map classifies the state according to the era. When is the image consider the best time As we can see in the graph the maximum time consider to load and provide a good user experience is less than seconds. It is important to clarify that elements may change during loading.

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Core web vitality and in this sequence we see how the green box is Sri Lanka Mobile Number List marking us it’s every moment until the full load of the image is done. Image how to find out what is audit in the browser itself we can choose to see what it thinks is the most to load. We show you how to know the largest element to load in Analyzing the image it can be seen as the background image of the header it is consider the largest content object to load. What Factors Affect Load There are a few operations that affect load higher than expect for these elements or operations that are server louder.

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Should be consult about responsiveness taking time to Lead Sale resolve or blocking rendering loading. Other resources slow images not optimize First Input Lag or or First Input. Latency is an indicator of how long the page takes to respond when the user interacts with any element. The metric that metric page spe pulls from We can see references to this metric in a tool that Google has made available to everyone for a while. Values ​​must be below milliseconds to be consider good. First Input Delay classifies first input delay states bas on time. The main cause of this metric issue is the execution of the image.

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