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Much of the development of silicon chip design has been based on her work, and many designers have been researched through her co-authored book, Introduction to Systems. He worked on the first superscalar computer. Francis Allen who laid the theoretical and practical foundations for automatic optimization techniques in compilers A compiler is the part of a computer that converts program instructions into machine-understandable code. He defined some of the techniques that are still in use today that help make machines more efficient. She has won the Turing Award, known as the Nobel Prize of computer science, more than any other woman.

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This honor was awarded to him for his contributions Conduit CN to improving program performance and accelerating the use of high-performance computing systems. She is a researcher and a pioneer in automating parallel tasks. Grace Murray Hopper It is considered the pioneer of the language The language is a general-purpose unprecedented programming language designed to facilitate the development of programs by people without computer expertise. A military and mathematical scientist with the rank of general in the U.S. Army, she was highly influential in the armed forces and many male-dominated businesses. In her honor an award is presented each year to recognize those most relevant in the field of computing.

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She was one of the first programmers of the Lead Sale famous electromechanical computer used during World War II. You might also be interested in this country with the most technological innovations most popular robot. As an influencer what the internet could do in the future Joan Clarke is one of. The women involved in breaking. The code yes that was a few years ago you might The one in the movie I saw in theaters but unlike. The others she was the only one who was at the nerve center of the project. In other words he worked hand in hand with Turing and other scientific scientists. Who helped break the code and saved thousands of lives.

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