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The Effects of Keyword Cannibalization Some cannibalisms give direct signs that they are happening but do not have a negative impact. The position is the same but the position is very different eg position and position. Well in this case it’s clear that Google has no doubts in choosing the best for that keyword. Mild cannibalization example An example of mild cannibalization is a blog about cars where you can easily locate two for. On one side are posts describing the problem and on the other side are posts describing the most expensive mechanical problems which include cylinder head gasket repair. If they are far enough apart in the search results then nothing is all good.

What does do on a phone

What if they show up in position and for head cushion repair we Ivory Coast Mobile Number List have a problem because they cannibalize each other which means they compete with each other. Is this a problem? As a start post Most Expensive Mechanical Problems Not Responding to Search Intent Cylinder Head Gasket Repair. Or at least another article with a much better response. Hence the poor CTR and poor conversion rate. Your ranking isn’t better if your keyword content doesn’t define it better. Solutions for Keyword Cannibalization As we have seen cannibalization has multiple origins and infinite scenarios but I will try to show you the solutions at least the most common ones.

Phone Number List

What’s phone number

You follow us Two or more pages are positioned very Lead Sale close to the same term in the results In this case if both pages are in the previous result we should consider not touching anything. If they are higher up it will be a matter of choosing what we keep and promote to avoid cannibalization. For the one that gets in the way we can redirect it to the post that will stay if it doesn’t rank for anything else. For example, we can reduce the optimization of keywords to reduce internal links or cooperate with other anchor texts. It could also be that these closely related posts could be combined into one more powerful post.

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