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Yelling may even sound offensive. So it’s convenient not to use them. If you do use them, use one or two words that can attract users. Don’t stuff your meta description with keywords. Thinking that by stuffing meta descriptions with the primary target keywords we’re targeting we’ll get more traffic from our users is a fundamental mistake in that you’re not contributing any value benefit to them other than against the guidelines search engines provide. Don’t leave the description tag blank This is another mistake we must avoid at all costs if we are going to pursue optimization.

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If left blank Google will extract the page content and place it where Egypt Mobile Number List the meta description should appear. In doing so, we lose valuable opportunities to get clicks and get users to our content. One of the best crawling tools to use to detect meta description errors is that it is a true Swiss Army Knife. With it we can detect optimization issues in the meta description tags of both free and paid versions of any website. To do this you must first download and install the software We provide you with a link to the official page. After downloading and installing we will perform the following steps in the top menu of the tool we choose.

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Select the mode spider to enter the domain or domain Lead Sale we want to crawl and click start. Will do a thorough crawl of everything on the site we are analyzing. Once done we will go to the meta descriptions tab which will display a list of all descriptions. To work more comfortably we can filter those we are interest in from the filter options. In this mode we have the following options All All Missing Missing to achieve Repeat More than characters More than characters Less than characters Many Many. Once we have made the filter we want we can export the list in a format to use it and display it in our web.

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