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So we suggest you take a look at this article. In digital channels we have the ability to do many types of segmentation based on the type of campaign we want to configure, location, keyword, location, website, device, etc. In this post we will focus on audience segmentation. Audience directory in google ads hiding audience types available in google ads audiences in social ads benefits of audience segmentation in google ads audiences in google ads audiences that we can use are estimates of people with a common interest, intent or demographic. In addition to other segments we can use.

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The audience is especially important because it’s not USA Phone Number List about where we want to be but who we’re showing it to. The audience types available in affinity audience. This type of audience allows us to reach users who are interested in different topics according to their habits and browsing patterns. Demographic data. Demographic data such as age and gender and parental status or relationship status. In-market audience. Users intending to make a purchase based on search results and an identified set of patterns with that intent. Showing a racket ad to someone who likes tennis is different.

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Because they watch matches, they are interested in Lead Sale news about their favorite tennis players. Affinity viewers are not showing prospective users the racquet they are looking for in a tennis store. Sports compare prices and more. In-market audiences we can customize these audiences based on actions they take on our site, such as getting more than two page views or adding a product to a shopping cart. We can configure this audience if we have previously implemented an ad tracking code to be able to collect this information.

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