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Learn about anything you find in the directory. The types of tags are countless so I suggest you use a search engine in english. How do I add structured data to my site well if you’re not a code lover let’s talk about the part that might make you more nervous. If we want to introduce data markup on our website we have several options for micro data. They are attributes and tags added to our website code. . Support for extensions to tag attributes. A script that is usually added to the header of our website where structured data is added.

How do I advertise my business on google

Although we have these options it is recommend Ivory Coast Mobile Number List to use options whenever possible. Personally I would also recommend using as it is easier to implement and modify or debug if necessary. Does it already sound Chinese to you? In the official documentation we can find plenty of examples. We just change the data and insert it into our website. The examples can be found here and clicking on the examples page when done will open a new tab with the official structured data tools. The script will be written in which we just need to change the data and insert it into our website preferably the head.

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Data markup example in product data markup Lead Sale example in product in case of an error in the tool you can use the green button to validate your code and provide a short message on how to fix the error. Is everything still Chinese to you? That’s normal. It’s usually a programmer’s job. But we have one for you. Especially if you use plugin. Personally I have tried many data markup plugins and without a doubt I prefer this one. It is a lightweight and friendly plugin with a variety of options.

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